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You can call me Mr. Red Bull

Do you regret any of your relationships?

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each one taught me something

Who is your celebrity crush?

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Rob gronkowski, eric decker, ben foden, and sonny bill williams

Describe your love life in one word

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Tipsy Tuesdays

sends asks if you wanna.

30 miles on the bike was a lofty goal after the leg intensive CrossFit session yesterday but I struggled through it! Safe to say my ability to walk is in question for tomorrow

I feel like a dad. But I can put my child in a cage which is a plus. And he can’t call CPS/PETA


"Gaze 116", one-continuous-line-drawing by Boris Schmitz, 2014

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" the right question is not what job am I passionate about doing but instead what way of working and living will nurture my passion. "

- Ben Brown


looking to potentially start doing some collabs. Lemme know!

Just ordered some #youtube business cards! Gearing up for a big relaunch in October!

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Hey dan! I've been following you for a long time and it seems like your outlook on love and relationships has changed a bit recently. Like you are not as optimistic as before. Is everything ok?

Asked by Anonymous

Hello loyal anon! Hmmmm I don’t think my optimism has changed. I have lost the sense of urgency that I used to have. I always envisioned myself married young and all that, but after almost being on that track with an ex and watching things fall apart I gained an appreciation for taking my time and getting to truly know the person I’m with without completely getting wrapped up in the whirlwind of love. If anything I’d say my optimism has increased over the past couple months. Everyday I get more comfortable and find a new level of “me” which means that I have another aspect to give to someone else in a relationship. I know now that I deserve exactly what I want out of life and a potential relationship. So, don’t you worry! Everything is great over here! In fact this is the best I’ve been in a long time! but thanks for checking in!